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Welcome to Superior Medical .com
Welcome to Superior Medical .com
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Vscan Ver 1.3

Superior Medical Introduces the GE Vscan OB
GE Vscan Pocket Ultrasound - Distributed by Superior Medical

A powerful new tool is now available to help physicians see what they can only feel and hear in a traditional exam. Vscan gives doctors a quick look inside the body at the point-of-care, using a device that’s small enough to fit in the palm of their hand.

Vscan has the potential to help improve patient care by enabling a more rapid diagnosis. And as a pocket-sized device, it offers the possibility of bringing diagnostic capabilities to more places around the world.

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Endometrial Curettes
The SureFlex and Preferred Curettes are our lowest-cost endometrial samplers!

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SureFlex BIO-M0015
Preferred BIO-M0014


Flexi T +380 IUD
Low Low Price
Intrauterine Conceptive Device

• Lasts 5 years (the leading competitor’s device must be changed every 30 months)
• Narrow 3mm insertion tube
• Copper stem & arms
• Superior safety profile


Superior Medical - A Truly Canadian Source

Superior Medical is pleased to offer Canadian Healthcare Professionals a wide range of Surgical equipment and Instruments

As Canada’s premier Healthcare Company, Superior Medical is proud to represent the names you know and trust. Pipelle, LEEP electrodes and Clinical Innovations’ Kiwi Vacuum System, are just a few of the items available from Superior Medical. Should you have any questions on any of our Healthcare products, please feel free to contact your Healthcare representative at: 1-800-268-7944 or info@superiormedical.com

  1. Price: We guarantee the best quality at the lowest price possible
  2. Knowledge: Our sales representatives and staff are the best trained in the industry
  3. Ecology: We pledge to reduce medical packaging and recycle products, to benefit our present world and protect future generations
  4. Compassion: For over 25 years in nearly 50 countries around the world, Superior assists, donates and consults to build stronger communities with your help

We look forward to hearing from you!

Physicians Pharmacists and Dealers: Please contact Superior Medical Customer Service to activate special pricing for online orders

Ring Pessary w/o support
Available in nine sizes
price: $59.00
info button pessary
Bruder Hydrating Eye Compress
Naturally Refreshes and Rejuvenates Dry Eyes!
price: $35.00/ea
Kiwi Omnicup, ProCup and Omni-C
Complete Solution for Vacuum Assisted Fetal Delivery
price: Call for Price
Titanium Rainbow
Tischler Straight Biopsy Punch, 20cm
price: $389.95
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