Warm Wishes

Christmas is a time for giving. Lending a hand to orphanages and women’s shelters in their time of need


Ho Ho Ho!


This holiday season, Superior Medical is assisting the Good Heart Foundation and the Until We Meet Again – a Caring Network and working alongside many others in distributing thousands of children’s toys in time for Christmas.


We reached out to orphanages and women’s shelters in Cuba, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, as well several Canadian-based charities. Superior sent everything from pencils to yo yo’s, plush toys to crayons, and even clothing and money to purchase food and every day items.


Superior Medical believes that at the very foundation of every Christmas season is the idea of giving to those in need.
It is a season about kindness and offering hope. We are honoured to assist those whose life challenges are great, and know that our gifts will go on giving in the years to come.



We humbly ask that‎ you remember those less fortunate.
Also maybe help stop a tear, and bring a smile this Christmas season.