Lilian Lokiwial & FGM

Standing with one woman’s mission to end a ritualistic practice that violates basic human rights

Superior Medical has once again provided financial assistance to Lilian Lokiwial and Educate Me, Do Not Circumcise Me, which is an organization that educates and rescues young girls from the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya.

We are humbled with Lilian’s progress over the years. She pushes back against a culturally accepted practice that is globally deemed barbaric. Her work to raise understanding in her homeland is necessary and inspiring. While the medical complications from  FGM are well-documented in medical journals, women in Africa are still pressured to get the procedure, and those who refuse face ostracism and marital blame. It is unquestionably a sad situation.

Superior helps as we can, when we can, in such situations.

Anyone also wishing to assist this cause may contact Lilian via our offices