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Our Mission:

Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment
Superior Medical Limited is committed to Canadian health; our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with the highest quality of medical products and customer service.

Our Vision:

To increase the level of health care provided to Canadians.

About Us:

Superior Medical Limited is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated healthcare distributor. Since being founded in the 1970s, we have grown towards becoming the trusted name for over 15,000 healthcare professionals from coast to coast – including hospitals, nursing stations, allied health clinics, and individual healthcare professionals.

Our company specializes in a wide variety of healthcare fields. More specifically, we provide quality medical products, surgical instruments, and healthcare services. It is our philosophy to consistently stand by the items that we sell, and also to always remember to give back to communities around the world with our charitable work.

We are also Canada’s leading supplier of health information-based products. These range from prenatal videos, charts, and models, to patient education booklets on every medical or surgical topic. Our publishing divisions distribute over one million health promotion and educational products to caregivers annually.

Superior Medical’s corporate office and distribution facility is located in Toronto, Ontario. We also have offices across Canada — including British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. We also offer services in both English and French.

Founded in the 1970s, Superior Medical has offered Canadians only the best in medical products, surgical equipment and healthcare services.

Products and Services:

For over 40 years, Superior has consistently introduced new advancements in diagnostic medicine and non-invasive surgery, while exclusively representing many Fortune 500 healthcare manufacturers in Canada. Since 1990, Superior Medical has become a leading purveyor of cardiac test and patient monitoring equipment, adding to our legendary microscopy, electrosurgery, labour and delivery products and surgical instrumentation product offerings. Superior has consistently set the gold standard with our medical and surgical equipment and supplies in Canada.

General Medical Supply: Superior Medical has multiple divisions within general medical practices: nurse practitioners, childbirth educators, midwives, dental, chiropractic, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

General Surgery: Representing leading German and U.S. manufacturers in innovative products, Superior Medical offers the latest in minimally invasive instruments, supplies, and unique equipment.

Allied Healthcare: Superior Medical offers supplies, equipment, and instruments for all foot care and allied professionals. Product offerings include: power procedure chairs, drill systems, solutions, padding products, patient education models, light therapy modalities, orthotics-related supplies and equipment and general medical supplies.

Women’s Health: Superior Medical’s dedication to women’s health has kept our extensive product lines always on the cutting edge for both obstetrics and gynaecology. Product offerings include: colposcopes & instrumentation, endometrial & endocervical samplers, cryosurgical & electrosurgical, hysteroscopy systems, resectoscopes, LAVH instruments, infertility products, general supplies, fetal monitors, ultrasounds and dopplers.

Patient Education: Currently used by corporate occupational health & safety departments: hospitals, healthcare facilities, private practices, community healthcare providers, pastoral care givers, educational and community-based institutions; Superior Medical is the leading distributor of patient and health education across Canada. These materials inform, educate and promote healthy lifestyles, explain complex medical/surgical procedures or allied healthcare procedures, important occupational health & safety, human resource and emotional health issues. Our products introduce methods and approaches to coping with life changes from childbirth to bereavement.

Materials: booklets, brochures, kits, tear-sheets, posters, videos, slide sets, CD-ROM, reference guides, directories, anatomical models and charts. A full line of hospital and practice-based patient software is also available.