Corporate Listing

Executive Directory

Ron Kilius – President & CEO
Lisa Marie Griffiths – Comptroller
Tom Rasciauskas – Shipping & Logistics Manager
Nicholas Han – IT Management
Diego D’Amario – Graphics Management
France Laplante – Province of Quebec Sales Manager
Listing of Corporate Advisors

Dr. Alex Ferenczy
Dr. Gordon Lickrish
Dr. LD Komer
Dr. David Rosenthal
Dr. PM Doyle
Dr. E. Clarke
Dr. S. Rubin

Allied Healthcare
Al Ladhoni DCh
Paul Zeimer DC
Irene Barry RN

Corporate Advisors
TG Harris – Advisor Emeritus (Posthumous)
Dr. Mario Silva – Corporate Governance Committee Chair
George Smitherman – Healthcare Consultant
William (Ace) Remas – Publishing Consultant
Kelly Walker – Ethics
Ray Harsant – Human Resources

Legal Advisors
Dale & Lessmann LLP

Financial Advisors:
Goldberg & Partners
In Memorial
We would like to thank the following individuals who graciously helped Superior Medical on our path:
Kenneth Thomson – Thomson Reuters
TG Harris – Founding Editor of Psychology Today & American Health
Professor Emeritus Kingsley Joblin – Victoria University
Daniel Liskins RNP – OSB
John Templeton Sr. USA/UK