AMPATH: Leading with Care

Superior Medical is proud to work with AMPATH and The University of Toronto in improving reproductive healthcare


AMPATH, or Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare, is a collaborative medical partnership that is led by the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Moi University School of Medicine (pictured above). Their mission is to provide comprehensive (and needed) care services in Kenya through a three-pronged approach of providing care, training, and research.

AMPATH has branched out into a number of wonderful programs that work towards improving health care in Kenya. These programs include agriculture, child services, education and partnership, primary care and chronic diseases, and maternal and child health.



“AMPATH’s definition of healthcare is to focus on the patient, not the disease. If a patient is hungry, or without a job, or is the victim of discrimination or abuse, AMPATH will respond, a commitment that leads inexorably toward holistic care”




The University of Toronto Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is the lead North American member of the Reproductive Health component of AMPATH. About 99% of maternal mortality deaths occur in developing countries, and Kenya that is no exception2. The reason being that women there obviously do not have the same access to healthcare or quality of care that we take for granted here in Canada.

Superior Medical is proud to partner with the University of Toronto and AMPATH towards improving health care (and women’s health) in Kenya. We have supplied needed medical equipment, surgical instruments, and allied health products towards helping AMPATH and the University of Toronto achieve their mission. The work of AMPATH and U of T has impacted the lives of thousands of women in Africa, and we wanted to do what we can to support their mission.  We feel that it is a Canadian responsibility to be a leader worldwide, and help others help themselves.




See our video below for more information on AMPATH, and click to get involved in these incredible causes.