An Introduction

Hello there. A brief introduction on who we are, and the charitable work we do globally


Superior Medical Limited is a Canadian company that supports hospital funding initiatives, health care societies in every discipline, and assists organizations that promote quality standards in health care globally.

For over thirty years and in over fifty countries, The Superior Medical Foundation has donated medical supplies, surgical equipment and services. It is our hope to ‘stop a tear, and maybe bring a smile’ to thousands of deserving people globally.

Superior Medical Foundation has supported third parties and facilitated our own charitable endeavors. Over the years, we have worked worldwide with orphanages, hospitals, tribal groups, physicians, long term care facilities, and school systems.



Check out this video to see some of the work we have done around the globe!


All videos produced in situ, funded and donated by Superior Medical to assist each organization with their charitable endeavours. We humbly thank and celebrate all these ‘Canadians of Hope’ in all our videos. We also wish to thank our videographer and film editor Jonathan Stainton for his work behind the camera, and Andrew Seok of Bump Music Studio for all specifically produced song-tracks for Superior Medical.

Also a special “thank you” to all the individual physicians, nurses, health care providers in all disciplines (and especially the people we served) who allowed us into their lives world wide — we couldn’t do it without you.