Canada and the Corona Virus

A note from the President about the recent worldwide Corona Virus epidemic


A message from our President


Mid January, I found myself in Hong Kong just as concern for the viral spread was becoming stronger daily in the media. Everyone there were wearing surgical masks of some sort (although not properly….), the airport, restaurants, hotels where mostly empty and the streets quiet, so very unlike HK. I witnessed a line-up of maybe 200 people for N95 masks at a small downtown pharmacy ($10 HKD each). People were indeed hoarding masks and even basic household supplies.

Superior purchases products across the water in Shenzhen so we know well that the region is normally a frenzy of activity. Not now. Probably not for a while.

Our hearts go out to our friends and colleagues in the region, and all people effected by this serious viral outbreak globally.

Remember no matter where you find yourself, make it a routine to wash your hands often, whether on arrival at the office, when out at the mall or when coming home.

And remember that irrational emotions like avoiding certain restaurants more superstition than science.

Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world. With reasonable precautions we will be fine.