Canada to the Caribbean

One of our biggest foundation efforts ever: loading up a shipping container with medical equipment to St Vincent

In one of our larger foundation efforts this year, this past October/November, Superior Medical coordinated and loaded a container of donated products to be sent into the Caribbean.
We shipped:
  • • 20 hospital beds
  • • 85 wheelchairs
  • • 1000 new suits/pants/shirts/shoes for burials/funerals
  • • 3 dental chairs
  • • one sterilizer
  • • one ultrasound unit
  • • one physiotherapy bath unit
  • • 6 physio beds
  • • over 2000 toys for New Baby Initiatives/World Pediatric Program
  • • 2000 health educational posters
  • • misc medical teaching aids, patient educational booklets, and videos
  • • and a host of other medical items
We humbly wish to thank Villa Form Mississauga, Yee Hong Geriatric Care Centre, Baycrest Hospital, Mobility Canada, Eh?, Until We Meet Again, a Caring Network, Moores Clothing for Men who graciously provided new and used products, and I would personally like to thank all Superior Medical staff who offered to help load this 40 foot long container.
Pity stands away, whereas compassion becomes as one.
Superior Medical Foundation thanks all involved in this large gifting project