Small Gestures, Big Results

A “thank you” to Dr. Daryl Hochman who generously donated his footcare equipment



Superior Medical, thanks to the kind donation of Dr. Daryl Hochman (DPM) of Toronto, is outfitting an entire foot care clinic in the Caribbean with equipment.


Dr. Hochman has generously donated items like a sterilizer, foot bath, stainless carts and other essential items that will provide ‎the means to establish a footcare clinic where none presently exists.


We thank Dr. Hochman for his generosity of spirit!


These items will be refurbished by Superior’s biomedical department and shipped shortly. We are also sending a Canadian Chiropodist with 50 instrument sets to train 50 public health nurses in Diabetic foot care issues


Superior Medical is a leading supplier to the foot care industry and this donation reaffirms our commitment to the diagnosis and treatment of mobility issues worldwide.