A Superior Medical Fall

With summer coming to a close, we look back on our charitable endeavors over the last few months 


Summertime has come and gone, and living was easy.
Superior Medical continues to support charitable causes globally and at home. It has been awhile since we
checked-in, and we wanted to update you on some projects we’ve been working on.




Superior Medical supports ongoing educational work in health care training in St Lucia!

Needed healthcare training materials were sent to Casteries, St Lucia. These will be used to train health care providers on every level.

Superior Medical has a very long history in the region supporting hospitals, clinics, individual specialists, and women & children out-reach programs. Elder care and HIV orphanage work is a part of our ongoing mandate to rise the level of health care delivery globally.





As the media coordinator at Superior Medical, I don’t usually go far from my desk.
Recently, however, I was sent on a long distance trip to Montreal with a company van. A truckload of clothing donations from Moores Clothing for Men Canada for a street mission within the downtown core. This mission deals with refugees, mostly Haitian, who have arrived in Canada with almost no possessions.
When I arrived in Montreal, I was met by Steve Philips and his lovely wife. He runs the mission and helps refugees and those who are financially struggling to get back on their feet. They both helped me unload the countless shirts, pants, and shoes from the back of the truck. I could not have met more lovely people.
A special thank you to the heartfelt generosity of Moores Canada. It could not have been done without them.
It was great being an actual part of such an important delivery!