Family Practice in Ethiopia

Working with the University of Toronto to encourage graduate physicians in Ethiopia to take up family medicine.

Above: Superior Medical donates a CyroSurgical System to Addas Abba


Working alongside Dr. Jane Philpott  (the incumbent Minister of Health) and her colleagues at the University of Toronto, the Superior Medical Foundation has assisted in growing the field of family medicine in Ethiopia by providing the necessary equipment, supplies, and training to help hospitals in Addis Abba.


Superior Medical produced this video to encourage graduate physicians in Ethiopia to get into family practice — a field that was only recently introduced to the country in 2013. The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) at the University of Toronto developed the curriculum to train these future family physicians, and Superior Medical stepped in to give these doctors the tools they need to provide the necessary amount of care. Our foundation donated countless medical equipment, such as stethoscopes, BP units, instruments, and lab jackets to grow this field of medicine in Ethiopia.


Each and every lab coat was personalized with the doctor’s name stitched into the jacket. In addition, almost 100 custom spring jackets were sent to support this initiative in Addis Abba. A game changing initiative for a large challenged nation with the fewest physicians per population ratio in the world.



All videos produced in situ, funded and donated by Superior Medical to assist each organization with their charitable endeavours. We humbly thank and celebrate all these ‘Canadians of Hope’ in all our videos. We also wish to thank our videographer and film editor Jonathan Stainton for his work behind the camera, and Andrew Seok of Bump Music Studio for all specifically produced song-tracks for Superior Medical.

Also a special “thank you” to all the individual physicians, nurses, health care providers in all disciplines (and especially the people they serve) who allowed us into their lives world wide — we couldn’t do it without you.