Superior Medical Limited supports hospital funding initiatives, healthcare societies in every discipline, and assists organizations that promote quality standards in health care. For over 30 years and in over 50 countries,  Superior Medical Foundation has donated medical supplies, surgical equipment and services, in the hope to ‘stop a tear, and maybe bring a smile’ to thousands of deserving people globally.

Superior Medical Foundation has supported third parties and facilitated our own charitable endeavours. Over the years, we have worked worldwide with orphanages, hospitals, tribal groups, physicians, long-term care facilities, and school systems.

Featured charitable work:

Donated hundreds of mechanical hospital beds to the Philippines, Africa and the Caribbean.

Supported Canadian nurse-based “Cover Her World” for hygiene and rape prevention in Africa.

Funded and assisted The Photography Workshop Partnership consisting of, Canadian teachers who travel with digital cameras to third-world venues to teach groups of children new concepts in art & technology.

Provided building grants for and aided in the building of orphanages such as Casa Anthony in Guatemala and Bread of Life in St. Vincent W.I.

Aided in repairing, refurbishing & outfitting medical clinics with equipment and supplies in Libore (Niger), Lahore (Pakistan) and even mountaintop villages in Central America.

Provided instrumentation sets, lab coats, fetal dopplers and other medical supplies to family practitioners in Ethiopia, nurses in Bangladesh and midwives in Central Africa.

Thousands of boxes of medical supplies, birthing products and teaching aids have been sent to Kathmandu, Africa, Central & South America and the Caribbean from Superior Medical.

Assisted university global healthcare partnerships in Kenya, Ethiopia, Niger and the Americas.

Worked closely with Canadian celebrities such as Dini Petty, to bring accessibility to health care in remote regions of the world.

Supported orphanages in third-world venues with Christmas gifts, with pizza for every child’s birthday, with TVs, DVD players, computers, air conditioners, washers and dryers, refrigerators and many other important daily living products.

Donated commercial washers and dryers to Homes for the Aged and Destitute in the third world.

Global Reach

Worldwide, Superior has worked on projects as diverse as the Sheikh Kalifa Medical Complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Quetta Hospital in Pakistan and many healthcare procurement projects throughout Africa; no matter where the need, Superior is a respected provider of goods and services to many governments and their agencies in the world of health care. Our products are found in healthcare facilities worldwide.


Medical TourisM with a Twist

Superior Medical promotes physician-to-physician contact and kinship between Canada and healthcare situations around the world. Our program allows for up to three days of medical/surgical work at hospital sites in Africa, providing full safety measures and in situ licensing with your colleagues globally. Our goal is to raise the level of awareness in Canada of third world challenges, and as well increase the knowledge and expertise in health care services globally.

We also offer similar services in nursing and allied healthcare.

Please speak with our President at our corporate offices for further information. He would be pleased to offer an overview of what is involved.