Health and Humanity

A little blurb from the president in a time of turmoil

I received an email today from an American friend whose father has dementia and is in a chronic care facility.
With lock-downs no one is allowed in, so he and his mom and sister (a hospital based nurse) stood outside his window, while the father sobbed “You don’t love me anymore”. The son is a catholic priest, the daughter already fighting daily in the front lines and the mother just emotional, helpless. He told me that they all together got worked up outside and inside that window, but that there was nothing anyone could do about it. It seemed the emotional anguish was as hard as the brutality of actually physically getting COVID

People are dying alone. In the US funerals are not allowed in certain states. My friend said “the Covidiots who insist on principle the right to assemble (whether in churches, on beaches whatever), will end up in hell because of their principles. Tough but wise words from a seasoned priest and former adviser to Mother Teresa

I once listened in the audience to a speech given by President Jimmy Carter. I know him and his wife Rosalynn, and so I know well he always means what he says. During that address on hospice care he plainly stated, “Nations will be judged by how they treat their elderly, and by extension the sick and dying”. I also fully believe this to be true and if anything good comes of COVID 19, may it be a complete reassessment of elder care in Canada.

– Ron