Standing Against FGM

Lilian Lokiwial speaks out against female circumcision in Africa


One Woman’s Fight Against Female Circumcision in Africa



This is Lillian Lokiwial.
She is a courageous young woman from Kenya, Africa. Lillian is the granddaughter of the chief of the Pokot Tribe, and at the time, the only member to have gone to university. With her combined ambition and education, Lillian decided to speak out against conventional beliefs that were common in her upbringing. She created a movement.

Her small grassroots organization in Kenya took a stand against female circumcision (or also known as female genital mutilation) in Africa. This ritualistic practice is unfortunately common, and over 200 million women are subject to it worldwide¹.  This procedure has no known benefits whatsoever to girls and women, causes a wide number of health complications², and violates their human rights as people.

Since speaking out for the rights of women and girls, her organization has risen to being one of the leading voices against female circumcision in Africa. The Superior Medical foundation is proud to stand with Lillian and help fund her cause.

We have supplied Lillian with:
• Laptops
• Digital cameras
• Imprinted T shirts
• And nearly $15,000.00 to establish a national office for Lilian in Nairobi

In April of 2015, Superior Medical hosted a charity event to raise money on Lillian’s behalf. It was hosted at the Aga Khan and featured the Honourable Jane Philpott (before becoming Health Minister of Canada). We were honoured to have her speak, and humbled by the guest turn out that night.
Superior Medical Foundation was able to raise over $4,000 for Lillian and her cause.


Thank you again for anyone who donated, spoke, performed, or attended.
We could not have done this without you.