Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

A peak inside the ORBIS flying eye hospital jet thanks to an invitation by Dr. Ed Mednick, FRCS (C)

Above: Dr Ed Mednick, Ron Kilius, and the team of Orbis international physicians, patients, and staff

The Orbis flying eye hospital is a state-of -the-art M-10 aircraft that has been converted into a world class medical/surgical teaching facility — complete with operating room, classroom, and recovery room.

Superior Medical was honored to be invited by Canadian surgeon Dr. Ed Mednick to come on board and view surgeries. This was the flying eye hospital’s first trip to Niamey, Niger, with many surgeries and procedures performed in situ for over 30 days. The work was breath-taking. The incredible resilience of the patients, truly humbling.

Superior Medical continues to support altruism in the world of vision care worldwide

We understand eye care as Superior distributes operating microscopes and retinal detachment systems. We provide micro eye instruments for surgery. We provide health educational booklets and brochures used by surgeons, hospitals and even pharmaceutical interests for patient education.

Beyond our  years of bifocal reading glass donations across Africa, at present we are donating an operating microscope to a hospital in Costa Rica to assist Canadian surgeons who travel to teach, as the existing operating microscope has only one ocular that works.


We continue to assist eye specialists with charitable endeavors to this day.