3 Motion Podiatry Chair


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3MOTION is the brand new series of operating podiatry chairs created to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. The innovative design, combined with the elegant and harmonious lines, guarantee a pleasant working environment for both the patient and the operator.

These podiatry chairs are developed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. They feature an anti-shock safety system, a wired foot pedal, and versatile electrical chair tilt, lift, and back-rest movements that allow for operating even in a small working environment.

The chair can smoothly rotate 115 degrees left and right, and is equipped with a foot locking system for perfect positioning of the patient.

The lifting capacity of the chair is 225kg or 496 pounds.


Available Chair Colours:

The upholstery for these chairs come in a variety of colours.




Optional Accessories:

These items do not come standard, but can be added to compliment your chair. Contact a Superior Medical customer service representative for more information.


Technical Specifications (Standard):

  • Maximum weight for the chair is 225 kg or 496 pounds
  • The 3Motion Podiatry Chair reaches a height of 145 cm at maximum extension
  • This chair can horizontally rotate 230° degrees (operated by a lever)
  • It can reach a perfect “flat” position at any height, though the maximum height for this is 95 cm
  • The arm rests collapse for ease of entry and exit from the chair. Also makes for an easier clean and disinfection
  • Telescopic leg rests open at 30 degrees each and perform a vertical movement of 90 degrees. These leg rests operate by side handles
  • The leg rest can stretch 200 mm on its support axis
  • A foot control allows the professional to operate the chair, and program positions into its memory