ClearView Total




ClearView Total
is an innovative disposable uterine manipulator that provides surgeons with optimal visualization and complete uterine control during laparoscopic procedures. With its pivot at the cervical os, ClearView provides full anteversion, retroversion and lateral movement for the greatest range of motion and increased visibility. No tenaculum is required and with the patient in the supine position, ClearView is self-holding, eliminating the need for an assistant.

• Full anteversion, retroversion and lateral movement for the greatest range of   motion and increased visibility
• Self-holding, eliminating the need for an assistant (when in supine position)
• No tenaculum required

Kit Includes:
Uterine Manipulator & Colpotomizer – complete with rotating control handle
with a balloon, elastomeric tip, balloon inflation valve

Disposable Sound Dilator – for uterine measurement and cervix dilation

12ml Syringe – for balloon inflation

1cm Spacer – to ensure the length of the tip properly matches
the size of the uterus

4 standard cervical cups – included with each disposable kit

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