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Fat Facts Test Tubes Set (5)79280


“Wow! I didn’t know that!”

People who pick up our fat test tubes are always amazed by what’s in the foods they eat. Filled with oozing, simulated fat, the tubes are an interactive reminder that too much fat can cause health problems. This package includes five separate sets of test tubes. The tubes’ labels in each of the five sets compare the fat, calorie, and cholesterol content of 10 different foods. The Saturated and Unsaturated Test Tubes visibly reflect the differences between the two types of fat: The saturated fat is thick and slow-moving, while the unsaturated fat flows easily.

Each of the five different test tube sets comes with 10 test tubes, display rack, tent card, nylon carrying case, and an informative, reproducible handout with review questions.

Complete Set Includes:

  • Fat Facts: Saturated and Unsaturated Test Tubes (Item #79125)
  • Fat Facts: Comparison Foods Test Tubes (Item #79135)
  • Fat Facts: Snack Foods (Item #79173)
  • Fat Facts: Vending Machine Foods (Item #79136)
  • Fat Facts: Fast Foods (Item #79134)