Global Outreach

Reaching out to help those in need in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


“Young. Old. Just words.”
— George Burns


Superior Medical is proud to assist the Bread of Life HIV Orphanage in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

This orphanage was originally founded in the late 1940’s thanks to the help of numerous donors and charities, but unfortunately, that original support has dwindled over the years.
Our foundation has stepped in to fill this role with one of our largest ongoing charitable programs, including sending gifts to disadvantaged children and donating money to rebuild the facility. We pay for pizza on the birthday of every child, and encourage local children from the nearby town to come and partake. Superior’s Foundation also sends Christmas presents and other gifts to help make the kids feel like kids.


Superior Medical Foundation has also rebuilt and refurbished an eldercare home called the Lewis Punnett Home for the Aged. 

We were happy to provide them with over one hundred beds to make sure every resident would have a place to sleep, and we continue to support their staff with ‘thank you’ luncheons for their hard work. Superior Medical has also provided many TV’s, entertainment systems, microwave ovens and even a commercial dryer for their laundry facility.


All videos produced in situ, funded and donated by Superior Medical to assist each organization with their charitable endeavours. We humbly thank and celebrate all these ‘Canadians of Hope’ in all our videos. We also wish to thank our videographer and film editor Jonathan Stainton for his work behind the camera, and Andrew Seok of Bump Music Studio for all specifically produced song-tracks for Superior Medical.

Also a special “thank you” to all the individual physicians, nurses, health care providers in all disciplines (and especially to the people we served) who allowed us into their lives world wide — we couldn’t do it without you.