Moving Forward into 2017

This past year was a busy time for us. We wanted to update on what we have done, and where we are going.


Foundation News


Always looking forward! 

Our mandate at the Superior Medical Foundation is to benefit women’s and children’s health. We are proud to have donated instruments and equipment to a number of global sites in 2016. This also included the necessary training and support of those physicians, nurses, and midwives and the refurbishing of some dilapidated care facilities they worked in.




Last year was a big year for the Superior Medical Foundation and Cuba

•  We funded support for HIV patients in Cuba
•  We delivered items like candy and teddy bears to an orphanage near Havana for Christmas and Valentines Day
•  We even contributed to Cuban Pride by donating 600 imprinted t-shirts!



Viva la Cuba!





Global Initiatives



In a strange twist, our foundation was asked if we would help save an ancient 1450 c. Jewish cemetery in Mantova, Italy. The final resting place of thousands was being threatened by redevelopment. This fight is ongoing, but we are honoured to assist in this endeavour by working with our friends within the European Parliament, various embassies, and Canadian politicians past and present. Although Superior Medical is secular in nature, and regardless of community or distance from Canada — to our mind, sacred ground is sacred ground.



Superior continues in our fight against FGM in Africa by continuing to fund Lilian Loliwail and her campaign, Educate Me, Do Not Circumcise Me, in Nairobi, Kenya. We also reach out and assist Canadians who wish to go to Kenya by supplying instruments and supplies so that they can better make a difference.

Canadians do this a great deal. Although usually secular and apolitical, we Canadians go because (as we here at Superior are often told) if not us, who?


South Africa

Finally, we have recently partnered with a young and ambitious group of teachers who aim to build self-esteem in teenagers through awareness campaigns. We hope to invest in these young men and women so they may blossom into everything they hope they can be. 




The Superior Medical Foundation is humbled and honoured to help with situations like all these.
We will continue forward, proudly Canadian.



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